Thursday, July 24, 2014

Teh Tarik Place @ Nu Sentral Shopping Mall Experience

Today I was struggling with my inner thoughts again when I walked to the office. Seriously this kind of feeling is quite suffering especially it is the about same issue again where I kept think about my past that happened in January. In fact, the only ways to overcome it is by telling myself that no one will really care about you over and over again. The things that only people care is how are you able to move from all the issues that happened. Somehow I still need some time to cure my "mental illness" when I keep think what my relatives, close friends and friends will think about it although 6 month has been past. Upon arrived office, I just do my working routine as usual and try to finish it as soon as possible. When I heard that my colleague are talking about buying car in the morning, I do feel a little "down" for not able to afford a car at this moment with my current low paid salary. Hence, I just told myself that it is just a matters of time that I would be buy my first car one day although it would happen after 7 years when I settle all my loan at the age of 30.

During the afternoon, I walked to Nu Sentral and decided to have my lunch at Teh Tarik Place cafe after I saw they are offering some lunch set promotion yesterday. Well, I just ordered the Chicken lunch set from the menu for RM9.80 without paying any tax that comes with vegetable and a selection of drinks as I have chosen Sirap ice as shown below.
Somehow I just feel the taste of the chicken seems to be quite "dry" and it is not very delicious for me as I would prefer Toast Box lunch set for the similar price. On the other hand, I do saw a big group of Taiwan tourist arrived and the waiter asked me to move to another smaller table. Anyway, I just have some thoughts again that "Our young moment is very limited because if you don't earn more money, how are you able to survive when you're old as who will going to take care of you when you're old" although there might be a long journey for me to go.

Moreover, I was wondering who will bear your parent's medical fee as they are getting old because nobody lives immortal. Perhaps this is the reason why a lot of people want to get married and setup a family so that their children will take care of them when they are old. Therefore it is very crucial for me to earn as much money as possible when I'm still young because every second counts for exchanging my time with money. Anyway, below is the details information of Teh Tarik Place restaurant.
Address: Lot No 32, Lower Ground Floor, Nu Sentral, KL Sentral, 50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Business Hour: 10.00am - 10.00pm daily
Overall the environment is okay but I still prefer Nando's Peri Peri Chicken marinade although it is the double price of this meal.

While I was on the way walking back to office, I saw my ex-company Japanese boss and he's one the friend of Masaya Ueno, Rakuten CEO Malaysia which somehow have some "power" in someways. Anyway, I just greeted him and I can see he was quite surprise to see me again as he say will have some talks with me at Gloria Jean's Coffees Plaza Sentral in future but I don't think it will happen. Apparently he was quite a successful business and have the guts to live in Malaysia for almost 10 years++ to venture in his gaming business. Anyway, he asked me to send regards to my boss but I don't think my boss will even care since I never talk with my current boss before. During the evening, I do have some time to research after I had finished my task although I was afraid that I would get scold by my manager. Somehow I feel that maybe it is quite true that it is more easy for you to earn money if you're a famous celebrity after I had saw the Neelofa (Malay artist) company sales figure where she just started her Shopify e-commerce store not long ago.

Frankly speaking, what would really happen if I take the guts to start my own shop no matter using what type of platform such as Easymall, Shopify, Sitegiant, Magento and others where I might be able to achieve her sales figure too? Around 6.05pm I make a move from office and went to take the train after I have bought the Mc Donald's chocolate dipped ice cream. During the moment at train, I do ask myself various type of question that why I want to earn money so badly and do I really take the effort to achieve it? It seems that all the while I'm ended up as talking and I feel that I might follow Sean's Eat Drink KL blog style to write about food as my title everyday. However, his sharing is different because all his food is high class and very expensive. Perhaps I can be like him when my current salary is RM500 per day? Finally I arrived back home at 8pm and taken my dinner. Later on, I didn't manage to play the Xbox 360 Kinect again and it was already the 4th day as I am too busy surfing ways to earn money. At last, I would like to share an interesting video about "Who Pays the Price? The Human Cost of Electronics" as below or the link >>> Here.
Somehow I do feel that I shall be grateful for not being force to work during my teenager age like those China labour. Furthermore, the working condition is bad and people are getting sick at China when they work in Factory. Seriously I shall be grateful for everything I have in life.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Nando's Peri Peri Chicken Marinade @ Nu Sentral Shopping Mall Experience

Today I heard that is was a celebration for Gorgeous Grandma Day from the radio channel. Well, hopefull you're making plans to spend some time with your grandmother on this day although I no longer able to celebrate with as both of my grandparents had past away few years ago. Upon arrived office, I try not to think about some negative stuff like yesterday. After I have finished the morning task, I opened Facebook to look some information a while so that I won't feel so bored. Suddenly my manager saw it and advice me not to do it so obviously although the tone was similar like scolding me. Somehow I just pretend nothing happened and carry the "fake smile" although I was feeling hurt inside. Frankly speaking, I know I shouldn't compare myself with others colleagues as I saw they can always open FB and not getting detected. Anyways, I just feel quite unhappy during that moment for being said using social media website and looking to some e-commerce news such as the Asia Rising in E-commerce news.

Seriously I really need to find some available opportunity using my limited time since my boss will not care for my future development since I'm just a data entry and customer service skills doing low class with low paid jobs as no one will really give a damn about it. Furthermore, my heart was "bleeding" at that moment because I saw a lot e-commerce website merchant seems to be quite successful. Besides, I do saw some partial sales figure for Prado website and it is no doubt why he can appear in NTV7 news as one of the successful start up in Malaysia. Well, if I'm really so good, I would be already starting my own online business instead of working for people as I always need to see other people's face color although no people would really care your feelings or what you do. In fact, I feel that our life is just like finding someone to raise us as guy wills find a job or girls will find a partner to raise them in someways. Anyways, I'm really tired of carrying this kind of "fake mask" and life as it still like a long way to go.

Perhaps the only reason for me to continue survive instead of dying is to find new food to eat everyday to cure my so call depression with possession illness. During the afternoon, I decided to have my lunch at Nando's Malaysia in Nu Sentral shopping mall. Upon arrived there at 1.10pm, I sat down and ordered the 1/4 Chicken with 2 regular sides or 1 Fino set for RM17.90 as I have chosen potato wedges with coleslaw as shown below.
When the food arrived, I do like the Mild peri peri sauce dipped together with the marinated chicken as it was so delicious for me and I just take some picture as shown below.
Actually I do feel that the price was quite expensive as it cost RM20.76 after 16% tax. However, it would be cheaper than you eat in United Kingdom as it cost £10.25 (RM55.31) for their Chicken Butterfly (Succulent chicken breasts in crispy skin with no bones) set meals. 

Anyways, below is the details of Nando's restaurant (451564-W) at Nu Sentral shopping mall.
Address: L4-05, Level 4, Nu Sentral, 201 Jalan Tun Sambanthan, 50470 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 03-2272 2036
Business hours: Monday - Sunday, 10.30am - 10pm
Overall the experience is good and the food was nice as I wonder how they can cook such a tasty juicy chicken than Waroeng Penyet Indonesia but it was quite expensive to me. Upon arrived back office, I continue to do my task and I learned something new today. It is called as "Autocount Accounting Premium Edition" software and my manager teach me how to use it. However, I think I would left this company if Harvey Norman can offer a better salary as one of their staff phoned me for interview today.

Around 6.10pm I make a move from office and went to take train. When I reach the Touch and Go machine, it seems that there is some event happened as I get a FREE "Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri" goodies bags as shown below.
During the moment at train, I don't know why I suddenly felt "emos" when I saw some couple having "sweet sweet moment" and I just keep listening to "I'm Still Loving You" song by Shiga Lin as shown below.
Finally I arrived back home at 7.50pm and taken my dinner as soon I arrived home. Later on, I just have some chat with some friend and one of it suggested me to work as telemarketing job for a better salary that can achieve RM3,000 per month. The contact for UOB HR is Ms Jane at 03-27832000 while CIMB HR is Mr Selvi at 03-22960000 number. Later on, I didn't manage to play the Xbox 360 Kinect again due to not in the mood. At last, I would like to share an interesting picture as below.
Guess it was right that "Worry is a total waste of time, it doesn't change anything, all it does is steal your joy and keeps you very busy doing nothing" which is quite true for me.
Be happy lah~

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