Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Top 9 Malaysia's Tall Rich Handsome Young Guy Rich Second Generation Y (高富帅+富二代)

Today I woke up at 11.30am. Well, it was a holiday for Hari Raya Aidilfitri as I don't need to wake up early to work for "low class data entry" job today. Frankly speaking, I don't know why I still feel so unhappy about certain things as I felt "someone" is going to harm me based on my "mental" thought. During the afternoon, mother prepared the Ipoh Salted Baked Chicken (怡保盐炬鸡) and some vegetablew as our lunch as below.
Somehow I do enjoyed the Ipoh salted baked chicken very much as it could be from Aun Kheng Lim Salted Chicken (宴瓊林鹽焗雞) which cost around RM18 as my relative asked her colleagues to buy behalf of us. Besides, I am able to read back my older post for Ipoh One Day trip during 2012 thanks to myself for blogging it as I went to the Aun Kheng Lim shop before. Guess what leftover after writing it down is the memory although I still not sure blogging is good or not as I had previously promised not to blog anymore.

After I had taken my lunch, I do went to research some information as usual since I don't have anywhere to go for today. Somehow I do feel a bit jealous when saw some article talking about the Top 9 Malaysia's Tall Rich Handsome Young Guy Rich Second Generation Y (高富帅+富二代) although it doesn't base on any actual finding. "Fuerdai" (富二代) is a Chinese term that means "the second generation of the rich" where their wealth is pass by from previous rich generations to their son or daughter. Hereby I would like to share with you about the top 9 Tall Rich Handsome young guy or so call "rich second generation Y" in Malaysia and you could just treat it as an "entertainment" to see how rich people show off by spending their money while poor people like me here just can envy or jealous about them as shown below.
1) Max Lee
Instagram: http://instagram.com/max2222lee
Info: Rumor say's that Max Lee has just changed from his Japan's sport cars to the latest Lamborghini Aventador sport car. Besides, he is the founder of Remedy night club and the biggest share holders among others.

2) Michael Chuah
Instagram: http://instagram.com/michael.chuah
Info: He is just 19 years old and having 60,000 Instagram followers. Besides, he likes to go Taiwan and dates with Taiwanese model as he was an international student. Rumor say's that he was the son of a public listed company.

3) Aaron Tan
Instagram: http://instagram.com/aaronxltan (Deleted or Removed as reason unknown)
Info: 20 years old guy, currently live in United States, love travel around the world. Current job is unknown and family background is unknown.

4) Blanco Choo
Instagram: http://instagram.com/blancochoo
Info: A Forex trader and having high social profile guy.

5) Andy
Instagram: http://instagram.com/andygtw
Info: A guy that keep travel around the world and enjoy fashion.

6) Jackson Lim
Instagram: http://instagram.com/jacks0nlim_ (Need follow to see profile)
Info: A young Forex broker. He able to buy a BMW with his own earning capabilities. Rumors say that he is a famous DJ in nightclub.

7) Freddie Vong
Instagram: http://instagram.com/freddievong
Info: A handsome guy and like to prank people. Rumor say's that he could be one of the Remedy night club boss or share holders.

8) Edwin Lee
Instagram: http://instagram.com/littleedwin9
Info: Came from a very rich family background, no need to worry about anything. Rumor says that he always go to night club and hang out with Max Lee.

9) Jia Hui
Instagram: http://instagram.com/jiaahui
Info: A guy who enthusiasts about Porsche car. He likes to take picture with baby. Background of his job is unknown.

After finishing watching all the picture, I found that those rich people similarities like to brag and show off about those sport car, luxury cars, luxury handbags, luxury watches, luxury accessories especially Hermes, beautiful girls, expensive food, night clubs, super big bungalow house, traveling pictures and etc. This kind of materialism will only generates some thoughts such as "got money got girls" (ada wang ada amoi) in our current generation Y mindset. Somehow I do find myself a stalker for writing this type of gossip blog post and it was totally no meaning like promoting them. Perhaps it would show a guide to myself to be more hardworking finding money and hope to be in their position one day? In fact, I still have a lot of debt to clear as I'm a "Debt second generation" (负二代) instead of rich second generations (富二代). Futhermore, this list still haven include those "Dato's Datin's son" and people who come from very rich background. Anyways, this list is still lose to the China's (土豪) as they are far more richer than this.

In fact, I would afraid I will become "Hungry Ghost" if you saw my blog post about the "Opening of Chinese Hungry Ghost Hell Gates Month (鬼月地狱门)" few day ago where Greed and Jealousy lead to rebirth as a Hungry Ghost afterlife since I having some "spiritual experience" in my life. During the night, I didn't have time to play the Xbox 360 Kinect partly because I spend too much spend looking on what those rich people doing in their life so that I can write this blog post. Somehow it does remind me of some foreigner friends from different type of country starting from Germany, Switzerland, Moscow, China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Brazil and Uzbekistan at Stafford House where they're currently enjoy traveling around the world at this moment as they're from rich family background too. Around 10.35pm there is no electricity at my house area but it came back at 11.35pm which is exactly one hour due to some electricity fixing problem near Bukit Raja area. At the end of my day, I just feel sad when I heard my mother said that "She won't be here forever as I need to take care of myself" because I was the youngest child in my family since my brother have girlfriend while my sister already married. Honestly, I do felt that if I can't earn RM20,000 a month like what my friend did, it seems that it would reflect me as a failure in life and only know how to envy other people last. Maybe I need to be grateful for having what I have or compare with poor or less fortunate people in order to be happy which I still don't know. What a "emo" night especially for a poor boy like me to see those pictures. Sigh.

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